Die Fledermaus – 2013 (past)

Gabriel von Eisenstein has been sentenced to eight days in prison for insulting an official, partially due to the incompetence of his attorney. Adele, Eisenstein’s maid, receives a letter from her sister inviting her to Prince Orlofsky’s ball. Eisenstein bids farewell to Adele and his wife Rosalinde, pretending he is going to prison but really intending to postpone jail for one day and have fun at the ball. The governor of the prison, arrives to take Eisenstein to jail, and finds Eisenstein’s wife, Rosalinde, with her lover instead. Rosalinde arrives at the ball pretending to be a Hungarian countess. Eisenstein and Adele are also in disguise. Rosalinde succeeds in extracting a valuable watch from her husband’s pocket, something which she can use in the future as evidence of his impropriety. The next morning they all find themselves at the prison where the confusion and a plot is revealed showing that this whole ball was orchestrated as a means of revenge. This production was in collaboration with Anastasia Chatzka, a Chicago-based designer.

Performances were April 19 (University of Chicago, International House) and April 26-28 (Chicago Temple).

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