Madame Butterfly – 2013 (past)

*This event was in collaboration with Aid For Africa. Proceeds from this event benefited the education of women and children in Kenya.

Pinkerton, an American naval officer, has taken lease of a house in Mombasa, Kenya. He is going to live here with his future Kenyan wife, Butterfly. Sharpless, the American consul, warns Pinkerton of getting married. Pinkerton tells him that he is happy with his bride, but adds that one day he will marry a real “American bride.” Butterfly enters and the family gathers for the wedding. The wedding ceremony is disrupted by angry family members, including Butterfly’s uncle, a priest who renounce her and condemn her to poverty. As the family leaves after the wedding, the couple celebrates their love and their first night alone together.

After three years, Butterfly has not heard from Pinkerton. His time in Kenya through the navy had concluded and he left. Butterfly is impoverished but convinced that he will return to her. Sharpless has received a letter from Pinkerton telling him that he has married an American woman, Kate. Butterfly, ignorant of Pinkteron’s deception refuses to remarry because she is convinced that he is faithful and she is excited to introduce him to his son. Upon learning about Pinkerton’s infidelity Butterfly gives her son to Pinkerton and his new wife, and in an act of absolute sorrow, kills herself.